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June 2015 Newsletter Issue 51

March 2015 Newsletter Issue 50

December 2014 Newsletter Issue 49 

September 2014 Newsletter Issue 48

  • Liming pastures on the south coast
  • Evergreen members feature prominently in new perennial pasture videos
  • Evaluating promising perennials for the south coast
  • Is over-grazing reducing the productivity of your panic grass?
  • The benefits of saving labour in Australian sheep enterprises
  • Show us your tools “Vintage seeding unit”

December 2013 Newsletter Issue 45

  • Diversity is king
  • Fitting lucerne into the mixed farming system
  • A mix of annuals and perennials has all bases covered
  • Under-sowing perennials to reduce establishment costs
  • Soil water under perennials
  • Show us your tools “Smooth move trough” and “Batt-Latch”

September 2013 Newsletter Issue 44

  • Using perennials to lower the water table
  • Perennial makeover transforms poor country
  • What is the nutrient status of perennial grasses
  • Watering systems for rotational grazing
  • Saponins in sub-tropical grasses in WA
  • Phalaris holds the key in the south west
  • Show us your tools “Temporary electric fencing” and “Home germination test”

June 2013 Newsletter Issue 43

  • Lifting lamb survival with perennials
  • Digging up the dirt and dung beetles in Australia
  • Pasture cropping boosts Kikuyu pasture productivity
  • Diversity is the key for the Kowald’s
  • Increase stock density by increasing crop area
  • Improving the profitability of beef production
  • Show us your grass “Autumn or Winter?”, “Rank Rhodes”, “Under Sowing” & “Sensational Sub”
  • Show us your tools “Power Harrow” & “Angus Self Seeder”

March 2013 Newsletter Issue 42 

  • Which annual to plant in 2013
  • Show us your tools “Bill Bowden strip!” & “Soil pH kit”
  • Optimising nitrogen fixation in pasture legumes
  • Spaded perennials turn bare sand into lush pasture
  • Genetic fat – bullet proofing the Merino eve
  • First up success creates garden of plenty
  • The real benefit of Pasture Cropping?
  • Show us your grass “Tagasaste and lupins”, “Summer canola”, Native grasses” & “Panic at Meckering”

December 2012 Newsletter Issue 41

  • Refining the system for improved management
  • Show us your tools “Golf anyone?” & “Duct tape”
  • The persistence of temperate perennial grasses at Wellstead
  • Hooked on perennials at Darkan
  • Tackling the winter feed gap in Kikuyu
  • Herbicide tolerance of subtropical grasses
  • The good, the bad and the bugs
  • Smart Nitrogen (‘Smart N’) use
  • New Videos for livestock producers

September 2012 Newsletter Issue 40 

  • Building healthy farming landscapes
  • Show us your tools “Barbecue Tools” & “Self-feeding silage stack”
  • Chicory for finishing lambs
  • Chemical suppression of Kikuyu
  • Heritage Seeds acquires Seedmark
  • Walkaway Field Day
  • Can lime substitute for super?
  • Cattle performance grazing canola and cereal crops
  • Show us your grass

June 2012 Newsletter Issue 39

  • Mixing it up to gain maximum profit
  • Show us your tools “Mineral Dispenser” & “Low cost portable water troughs”
  • Using nitrogen on Kikuyu and Tall Wheat Grass
  • Grazing crops for profit
  • Chicory and Lucerne under canola: Part 2
  • Handling the sand with moulboarding
  • Reducing upfront phosphorus by half with compost
  • Farm visits in action
  • Show us your grass

March 2012 Newsletter Issue 38 

  • Perennial pastures to plant in 2012
  • Show us your tools “Trusty old Chamberlain”
  • Pasture cropping is a viable grain production system!
  • Kojonup Field Day a great success. Final 10th Anniversary Field Day
  • Which perennial to plant in 2012
  • Temperate grasses; Tall Wheat Grass, Tall Fescue, Puccinellia, Phalaris, Cocksfoot, Veldt
  • Sub-tropical grasses; Kikuyu, Gatton Panic, Rhodes
  • Temperate Legumes; Lucerne, Strawberry clover.
  • Herbs; Chicory
  • Fodder shrubs; Tagasaste, Saltbush
  • GGA Study Tour of South Australia and Victoria
  • Pasture walkabout October 18th 2011
  • Finding the fit for no-kill cropping
  • Show us your grass

Spring 2011 Newsletter Issue 37

  • 10th Anniversary Field Days
  • Dongara Field Day Report by Philip Barret-Lennard
  • Dandaragan Field Day Report by Philip Barret-Lennard
  • Esperance Field Day Report by Philip Barret-Lennard
  • Reasons for and against Pasture Cropping
  • Carbon that counts
  • Grazing tolerant Lucerne
  • Bindoon, Narrikup and Rosa, 3 new subterranean clovers with increased RLEM seedling resistance

Winter 2011 Newsletter Issue 36

  • “Ten Evergreen Years”
  • Extract from Evergreen Archives
  • Kikuyu pastures: do they pay?
  • Evergreen ready to sow Tropical Pasture Mixes
  • The business of farming at Williams
  • Ten years on … perennial pastures R & D reflection
  • Of drought and flooding rain
  • Evergreen Farming 10 year anniversary quotes

Autumn 2011 Newsletter Issue 35

  • Alternative fertilizer trial
  • Chicory and Lucerne under Canola
  • Pasture cropping lupins in to kikuyu
  • How much can perennial sub-tropical pastures increase soil carbon?
  • Manjimup Autumn Field Day
  • Summer sowing of hard-seeded serradella
  • Serradella into perennial grasses

December 2010 Newsletter Issue 34

  • Don’t overgraze your perennials this summer
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Nick & Jane Trethowan, Kojonup
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Charlie & Marg Hick, Narrikup
  • Evergreen CSBP Fertiliser Trial
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Rob Johnson, Esperance
  • More tucker means more lambs
  • Using saltbush and perennials to make the most from our land
  • Looking far afield to deal with our production challenges
  • Where do lick feeders fit?
  • “Show us your grass”

September 2010 Newsletter Issue 33

  • Year Round Feed
  • New “Lucerne Guidelines for WA”
  • The Coming Famine
  • Another Successful Pastures for Profit Seminar
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Luke Caelli, Ravensthorpe
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Jim Wedge, West Binnu
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Kevin Moir, Wilga
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Beaufort Flats
  • Caring for our Country Demo Site – Flora Downs, Gillingarra
  • “Show us your Grass”

June 2010 Newsletter Issue 32

  • The Coming Famine
  • Kikuyu for summer feed and wind erosion control
  • Companion annual legumes for perennial grasses
  • Perennials use more soil water than annual pastures
  • Soil carbon build-up under kikuyu pastures
  • Gibberillic Acid for Pastures
  • Should we be sowing digit grass?
  • Pasture Cropping: A Powerful Mix
  • Rotational Grazing at Woodanilling

March 2010 Newsletter Issue 31

  • Drought Case Study – Jim Wedge, West Binnu
  • Results from the EverCrop Pasture Cropping trial
  • NSW Farmer of the Year – Nigel Kerin
  • Chicory – A more nutritious forage but does it come at a price?
  • Drought Case Study – John Willmott, Eneabba
  • Short term pasture options
  • Future Farm CRC – Lex Stone

December 2009 Newlsetter

  • Drought Case Study – Will Browne, Warradarge
  • Mt Barker Research Station – Annuals vs Perennials
  • Case Study – David Mathwin, Kojonup
  • Smater Nutrient Management
  • Bioactive plants for livestock production
  • Saponins in grasses – What is happeing?
  • Gingin cattle thrive on perenials
  • Bunch grasses on the south coast …?
  • 2010 – The International Year of the Hogget!
  • Small Lucerne Weevil
  • Heritage Seeds continues strong partnership with SARDI

September 2009 Newsletter

  • Innagural GAI Award
  • Mycorrhizal fungi – powerhouse of the soil
  • Case Study – John Mottram, Manjimup
  • Drought Case Study – Grant Bain, Geraldton
  • Pasture cropping R&D in the northern wheatbelt
  • EverCrop – Evaluating the viability of pasture cropping in WA
  • Pushing boundaries with Demonstration sites
  • EverGraze – Perennial persistence and species mixtures
  • Sub-tropical grass seed- understand what you are paying for

June 2009 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Crazy about Kikuyu!
  • Kikuyu on Kangaroo Island
  • Case Study – Kim Norris, Esperance
  • How many paddocks do you need?
  • New Soil Carbon Research
  • Online genie shows the wa to productive salinity management
  • Lucerne Back Pocket Guides now available
  • Grazing cereals can double profits
  • Lucern Dormancy
  • Pushing boundaries with Demonstration sites
  • Pasture cropping of Kikuyu at the North Stirlings
  1. March 2009 Newsletter (Click here)
  • Case Study – Ash Reichstein, Esperance
  • Perennials reduce Nitrate -N leaching compared ot annuals
  • EverGraze – South Coast Satelite Sites
  • A different approach to establishment
  • Herbicide tolerance trial on perennial grasses
  • Saponin Toxicity – A potential grazing issue for perennial grasses
  • Mixing Perennial Pasture Seed the easy way
  • Darkan Lucerne Establishment Demo Trial
  • Farmers Experience with lucerne – Part 2
  • Hillman flats never looked better
  • Now the best varieties come with the best protection

December 2008 Newlsetter (Click here)

  • Case Study – Graeme & Margaret Jones, Ongerup
  • New pastures from Tassie
  • GGA Study Tour of NSW – July 2008
  • 10 ways to deal with rising fertiliser prices
  • Fertiliser Price Volatility
  • EverGraze – SouthCoast Satellite Sites
  • Warren EverGraze Field Days
  • Farmers experience with lucerne
  • Great opportunity to grow Superdan for Export!
  • Lucerne Guide coming to a back pocket near you?
  • Irrigated Lucerne Hay in the Northern Agricultural Region

September 2008 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Evergreen Farming and WA Lucerne Growers join forces
  • “Perennial Pasture Companions” to drive member value
  • Perennials North & South “Demo Sites”
  • No Kill Cropping – An Alternative Cropping Option
  • Case Study – Nick & Jane Trethowan, Kojonup
  • EverGraze – Prime lamb production system update
  • 2008 Pastures for Profit a Success
  • EverGraze Supporting Sites Overview
  • Rhodes turns deep sand around
  • Key Findings – Grain & Graze
  • Lucerne grazing management for sheep and cattle
  • Animal health issues from grazing Lucerne
  • Some facts about lucerne from Heritage Seeds

June 2008 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Keys to a wise investment in perennial pastures
  • Pasture Cropping with Wheat and Windmill Grass
  • Case Study – Bob & Anne Wilson, Lancelin
  • Greener than Ever in Jerramungup
  • The 9 must-do’s for sub-tropical grass establishment
  • Case Study – Wayne Edwards, Manjimup
  • Case Study – Craig & Donelle Forsyth, Irwin
  • Case Study – Ross & Lynnette Fraser, Boyup Brook
  • Tall Wheat Grass – supply outlook
  • Autumn and Winter Pests of Lucerne Pastures
  • Soil Carbon and Evergreen Carbon Update

March 2008 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Heritage Seeds and Evergreen Diamond
  • Case Study – John Willmott, Eneabba
  • Optimal sowing window for war season perennial pastures
  • Cereals for both Grazing and Grain
  • Which Perennials to Plant in 2008?
  • From rainforest to pastoral stations in 100 km
  • Is ‘pasture cropping’ possible for WA?
  • Grain & Graze Case Study – Alan & Joy Heitman, Mingenew

December 2007 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Pasture Cropping – Profitable, Regenerative Agriculture
  • pH decline – an inevitable consequence of agriculture?
  • Modelling Rhodes grass growth in the Northern Ag Region
  • Rethinking Pasture Production with Perennials
  • The “Planned Grazing” Approach
  • Drought proofing grazing systems – a case study from Binnu
  • The role of profitable lucerne in salinity containment

September 2007 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Kikuyu poisoning on the SouthCoast
  • Building soil carbon with Yearlong Green Farming
  • Quantity and Quality trials – Key results to date
  • Valuable lessons from extreme Esperance weather
  • Chicory – A high quality perennial pasture
  • Evergraze – Prime lamb production system update
  • Sustainable Control of Pasture Pests
  • Perennials for “Dandaragan Organic Beef”

June 2007 Newsletter (Click here) 

  • Tim Wiley – A Catalyst for Change
  • Green House Gas and Agriculture in Australia
  • Mycorrhizas and Perennial Pastures
  • Rhagodia
  • 300 kg/ha live weight gain in a dry year?
  • Perennial Pasture Incentives
  • What is the optimum seeding depth?
  • Case Study – Joe de Pledge, Badgingarra
  • Case Study – Aubrey Panizza, Badgingarra

March 2007 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Plant Densities & Summer Production
  • Perennial Pastures at Esperance
  • Think whole-farm and dare to be different
  • Demonstration of perennials in the West Midlands
  • Perennial pastures for Western Australia
  • Pipe dram or possibility?
  • What happened to high-performing businesses during the drought?
  • Making the most of moisture and spring sowing

December 2006 Newsletter (Click here)

  • A perennial alternative to the annual “Use it or lose it”
  • Potential for perennial pastures in the Warren Catchment
  • Enriching livestock and the landscape
  • Supplementary Feeding on Tagasaste
  • Sub-tropical Perennial Grazing Trial at Badgingarra
  • Perennials in a drought
  • New warm season grasses for southern Australia
  • Puccinellia grows on saltland due to high waterlogging tolerance
  • EverGraze – the first challenging year
  • On the Road with the Tag Man

October 2006 Newsletter (Click here)

  • More Beef out the Gate – Rod tells “Pastures for Profit” Attendees
  • Green Farms in a Drought?
  • Profit Driven Water Use – Esperance
  • Perennial Pasture Variety Trial at Esperance
  • Water use by sub tropical grasses
  • Improving perennial establishment in the NAR
  • The Saltland Story
  • Rod McTaggart Case Study

June 2006 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Summer production from sub-tropical grasses
  • Cold Zone…!
  • More Livestock From Perennials
  • Pushing the boundaries with Kikuyu
  • Summer active perennials use more water
  • Establishment Essentials for Sub-Tropical Grasses
  • Perennial Pasture Incentive Schemes
  • 4 cows per hectare…

March 2006 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Which Perennial to Plant in 2006?
  • Sub-Tropical Perennial Grasses R&D Review
  • Case Study – Tagasaste Farm, Lancelin
  • Picking Perennials for Productivity
  • Sub-Tropical Grass Establishment Paddock Survey 2005/06
  • Interest increasing for perennial pastures
  • Pasture improvement boosting productivity at Pinjarra
  • Case Study – ‘Border Reivers’, New Norcia

December 2005 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Rave review for Techno grazing
  • Techno grazing – What is it?
  • Binnu Northampton pasture tour – Wed 9th Nov 2005
  • The best nitrogen source for perennials over summer and autumn
  • New Phalaris Cultivars: Where do they fit?
  • Perennials vs Annuals at Mt Barker Research Station
  • Controlled Grazing Demonstration
  • Grazing Simulation of Subtropical Perennial Grasses
  • Case Study – Two Perennials are Better Than One

October 2005 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Sowing a special Saltland Mix for less than $50/ha
  • Summer & Autumn Feeding options for Lighter Weight Weaners
  • Seasonal Production of Warm Season Grasses
  • Understanding Tall Fescues
  • Case Study – From little things, big things grow…

June 2005 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Hot off the Press!
  • Water Use by Sub-Tropical Grasses
  • Case Study – Natural Spread
  • Needle Burr detected in sub-tropical seed imported from Queensland
  • Lotus corniculatus breeding for Mediterranean Southern Australia
  • Fitting lucerne into dryland farming systems of the central Wheatbelt of WA
  • Case Study – Stocking Rate up 600% with Evergreen Mix

March 2005 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Case Study – Establishment on Non-Wetting Sand
  • Fertiliser Strategies for an Annual / Perennial Pasture
  • ALOSCA® granular inoculants
  • Evergreen Starter Kit Feedback
  • Grazing Systems in New Zealand
  • Can we eradicate barley grass?
  • Summer Grazing of Lucerne
  • Case Study – 50 DSE/ha is not a dream

November 2004 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Cattle being rotationally grazed on Rhodes Grass at Walkaway
  • Establishment trials at Rob Gillam’s farm at Irwin
  • On the Road with the Tag Man
  • Testing the future – using profit as a driver for land use change
  • Summer crops and forages – where do they fit into the system?
  • Sub-tropical grasses in NSW
  • Evergreen Farming Research Program 2004/05

August 2004 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Perennials to Peanuts
  • Pasture Mixes vs Monocultures
  • Pre-Seeding Weed Control
  • Light Weight Weaners Gain Weight on Perennial Grasses
  • Persistence of Temperate Perennial Grasses in the Northern Ag Region
  • Lucerne Variety Selection
  • On the Road with the Tag Man

May 2004 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Dongara – Mingenew Evergreen Bus Tour
  • New sub-tropical grasses for livestock producers
  • Esperance Oasis
  • Sub-Tropical Grasses on SouthCoast Sandplain
  • Temperate Perennials – are they worth trying?
  • Beaufort Flats Group Wins SGSL Support
  • Profit Sharing Concept

January 2004 Newsletter (Click here)

  • New sub-tropical grasses for the west
  • Sheep production off rotationally grazed Kikuyu and Strawberry Clover
  • Integrating perennial pastures into the farming systems of the NAR of WA
  • Establishment Survey 2003
  • Water use by annuals and perennials
  • Perennial grasses for light weight weaners
  • Flexi-N boosts grassy pasture production
  • Growth and Quality Response of Kikuyu to Summer Nitrogen Application
  • Pasture researcher abroad in South Africa
  • The Fifth International Herbage Seed Conference

September 2003 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Sub-tropical perennial grass species
  • Pre-sowing weed control for Summer crops and pastures
  • Establishing sub-tropical perennial grasses
  • Herbicide Tolerance of Sub Tropical Perennial Grasses Demonstration
  • Companion legume for perennial grasses
  • Sub-tropical grasses and legumes persist well over first summer
  • Seed Quality, the starting point for all successful pasture

March 2003 Newsletter (Click here)

  • New tropical grasses for livestock producers
  • KangarooIsland Sub Tropical Pasture Trials
  • Perennial Establishment at Craig Forsyth’s, Dongara
  • Tagasaste at Rowan Ford’s, Balla
  • Rhodes Grass Establishment and Managament Trials North Dandalup, Southwest WA
  • Kikuyu and Tagasaste, a Flexible Pasture System on the Esperance Sandplain
  • Pasture Options – Annual Legume Cultivars
  • Improving Subsoil Structure – Excerpts from a UWA/GRDC Report
  • Lucerne Establishment
  • On the Road with the Tag Man

December 2002 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Perennials Pioneer Awarded Life Membership
  • Fallow Before Sowing
  • Poor weed control affects perennial establishment
  • Perennials at Maybenup
  • Perennials at ‘Beermullah’
  • Beaufort Flats Group Sow Perennials
  • Saltbush hope despite the dry year
  • SGS supported trials and demonstrations 2002
  • SGS National Farmwalk 2002 WA
  • New perennial legumes showing promise
  • UWA Honours Project
  • Cattle production on perennial pastures
  • Salt land establishment with raised beds
  • Beds Born from Irrigation Experience
  • Tales of the Tag Man

September 2002 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Mix Met with Great Response
  • New Trials and Demonstrations for 2002
  • Tim Pannel’s Perennials at Yuna
  • Elephant Grass Makes a Comeback
  • Sub tropical Perennial Grasses in the North

June 2002 Newsletter (Click here)

  • Perennial Trials Happening Statewide
  • Autumn Update a Great Success
  • Fertilising Perennials for Animal Production
  • Muriate of Potash and Soil Microbes
  • Great Southern Perennial Growth
  • Covercropping with Lucerne
  • Successful Spring Sowing with a DBS
  • Economics of Establishing Lucerne with a Cover Crop
  • Look On The Bright Side
  • Suitability of Summer-active Subtropical Perennial Pasture Species for Grey-clay
  • Soils in Mediterranean Agriculture
  • On the Road with the Tag Man
  • Native Grasses Perform in Pasture Evaluation Trial
  • Productive Perennials for Combating Salinity
  • Agronomy of Sub Tropical Species
  • An Establishment Checklist

March 2002 Newsletter  (Click here)

  • Autumn Update Shapes Up for Success
  • Are Tropical legumes Worth a Go?
  • Feed When it Matters
  • Trials & Demonstration in 2001
  • On the Road with the Tag Man
  • A Successful Combination – Kikuyu and Strawberry Clover
  • Pasture Diversity Increases Production
  • Agronomy of Sub Tropical Species