About Evergreen Farming

photo sheep eating grasses


Evergreen Farming has a vision of “healthy farming landscapes through profitable and robust pasture systems”. Our mission is to provide the knowledge to develop farming systems which incorporate profitable and resilient pastures. And highly profitable perennial pastures and fodder shrubs are the tools to achieve this. With our members planting thousands of hectares of perennial pastures each year, the benefits of perennial pastures are well known: Higher stocking rates, less supplementary feeding, higher water use, better ground cover and healthier soil. 

The group started in the 1990′s in the Bibby Springs area west of Badgingarra (WA), where innovative producers came together to tackle the issues of rising water tables and salinity. Through many years of applied research, demonstrations and trials on perennial pastures, Evergreen Farming has shown that perennials can substantially increase farm profitability and combat water-logging, salinity and erosion.

The group has an excellent working relationship with agribusiness and the research community.

Evergreen Farming systems feature:

  • Perennial and annual species
  • Sub-tropical and temperate species
  • Grasses, legumes and herbs
  • Fodder shrubs

Evergreen Farming systems deliver:

  • Extended growing seasons
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher water use
  • Drought tolerance
  • More ground cover

Benefits of an Evergreen Farming system:

  • Increased profits
  • Lower cost of production
  • Reduced need for supplementary feeding
  • Less salinity, waterlogging and erosion
  • Healthier soils