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The Evergreen Farming group has a vision of “healthy farming landscapes through profitable and robust pasture systems”.

Our mission is to provide leadership knowledge and enthusiasm to develop farming systems which incorporate profitable, resilient pastures. Highly profitable perennial pastures and fodder shrubs are the tools to achieve this.

The benefits of perennial pastures are well known. Higher stocking rates, less supplementary feeding, higher water use, better ground cover and healthier soil. Evergreen Farming members are planting thousands of hectares of perennial pastures each year.

Not sure how to get more out of your pastures?

Wanting to make more use out of every hectare?

Come and hear from a mixture of  Fellow farmers, Researchers, Advisers on ways to improve your pastures. Whether pastures are there for your sheep, cattle or part of your cropping rotation the Evergreen Farming Pasture Updates will have something for everyone.